The Simunye Project

  The Simunye Project Story

In early 1996, Bridget Parker and David Latham traveled to South Africa and visited the Kwa-Zulu-Natal area staying at the Simunye Zulu Lodge. Over the next few years Bridget and David made many visits to the area becoming aware of the problems that had decimated the once proud Zulu Nation. As the AIDS epidemic grew in South Africa, they started The Simunye Project, a 501(c)3 designated not for profit charity to help the people in the Natal area.

The Simunye Project built the Ofankomo School in 2006 outside of Melmoth to teach Zulu children in grades 1 thru 3, and became involved not only in the AIDS efforts, but also feeding the poorest of the poor in that area.

Currently, clothing, medicine and food are but a few of the things that the Simunye Project provides. The Project team has also very involved in working with a village of physically handicapped people called Jubalani, which was started during the Mandela era and then abandoned, leaving these people without care or the ability to make a living. The Simunye Project has not only provided medicine, food, clothing, etc., for these people, but also has provided materials and machinery to enable the people to become self supporting. Further, The Simunye Project, Inc. provides nutritional supplements to the sick as well as AIDS patients which are essential to their ability to fight HIV. Today HIV infects almost 56 percent of the people in this area. In its wake, HIV has left starvation, homelessness and orphans. We are concerned for the many orphans living by themselves not able to afford food or clothing, about the rising numbers of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and those that cannot afford basic food or medical care.

The Simunye Project has been funded by the generosity of people and this generosity is making a difference. We hope that you will consider The Simunye Project when making your charitable decisions. 100 percent of your donation is used to provide necessities for these people. Your donation is tax deductible as provided by law.

The Simunye Project provides food, clothing, medications and schooling for several families in Natal. Gugo, Eunice, and Jabu are a few of the members of the Simunye Village Community that oversee our efforts. They not only report to us on the welfare of the families we feed, but also check on the people that are unable to care for themselves. Soka Mthembu, Patrick Phakathi, Erick Mcineka, and Themba Mthombeni, local residents, volunteer their time to make repairs on their neighbors' houses. The Simunye Project helps on an as-needed basis.

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