The Simunye Project

  The Ofankomo School

In early 2006, David and Bridget were contacted about the possibility of The Simunye Project providing lunch for children that were attending a local village school.

They went to the school and found the children were being taught in a mud daub building with no windows.

Some of these children would leave for school before dawn and not arrive home until after dark.

They decided to build a school that was safe for the children as well as outfit the school with desks, books, chalkboards, and supplies.

The Ofankomo School presently has over 60 children attending grades 1-3. The children are taught in split sessions by 2 teachers. The Simunye Project also provides a modest lunch for the children as well as day to day school supplies.

Christmas 2009

The Simunye Project provided clothing and toys to over 600 men, women and children at 3 separate events during the Christmas Holidays. On Christmas Eve we held a dinner at The Simunye Village. On Christmas Day we held a lunch at the Jubalani Village. Finally, on December 29th we held a lunch at the Ofankomo School. Clothing, food and school supplies were provided to all who attended. This was made possible via private donations. For most of the people attending this was their first experience of Christmas.

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